Anniversary Scuba-Diving Spelunker

We celebrated our fourth anniversary two weeks ago. One of the things we did during our day of celebration was play our own little game of exquisite corpse while having coffee together after a very good dinner.

We both started writing a story, Brian in one notebook, I in another. Then after 10 minutes or so, we switched notebooks, read each other's story beginnings and then took about ten minutes to draw a picture to accompany the story. After our pictures were complete, we spent ten minutes continuing the other person's story and then switched books again and started the cycle over: read, draw, write, switch.

Here is my favorite drawing from the evening. I drew it:


Blogger activated charcoal said...

You are not the boss of me!

4:07 PM  
Blogger The Wifest said...

How do you make an emoticon with the tongue sticking out?

I guess.

Thanks for the link. I'd reciprocate (and will), but I don't remember how to add links. I haven't really looked at the code stuff since the very beginning when I set the whole thing up. Oh and then when I added my statcounter, which is amazing. Do you have one? It tells you who comes to your blog and how they got there and where they live or at least where their computer is when they read your blog. Someone from England and two someones from Canada looked at thewifest recently for "less than one minute". And someone came after doing a blogger search for "erotic stories about women" and a google search for the "best cookbook of all time". This information is amazing. I love it.

2:13 PM  
Blogger activated charcoal said...

I use statcounter.com, but the search engine info is broken for me. I need to switch.

1:51 PM  

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