Thanksgiving in Ohio

We drove to Columbus, OH, to visit the husband's family for Thanksgiving. It's extra special because the Husband's family includes my best friend from college who is now my sister-in-law. This is a picture of the best friend and me getting the turkey ready to put in the oven.

Side note: I made the sweater that I'm wearing in the picture. I'm very proud of myself.

We took our dog Mo with us on the nine hour car ride and five day stay. She was a great success. She did not eat the turkey before it made it to the table a la the Bumpus Hounds. She did not eat either of the two cats living in the house. She did not go to the bathroom in the house at all. And although she was upset to find that she wasn't allowed on the furniture, she was content to lay on a leather foot stool instead.

When we were asked by some friends the following week how our trip was, Brian answered "Perfect!" and he's not far from right.


Anonymous aulden timmer said...

How about that leather chair? It was purchased in Cleveland, Ohio in the winter of 1975, and has witnessed more than 200 Ohio State football games, a couple of kids raised to adulthood and marriage, and most remarkably, was the comfortable setting for an estimated 7500 post prandial cigars.

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Anonymous brian said...


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