First Mother's Day and Current Favorites

We went camping with friends for Mother's Day in a redwood forest about an hour south of San Francisco. It was cold and fun and beautiful. This was Alton's first camping experience, and he had a great time.

I was afraid Alton would freeze to death sleeping outside. But he slept better than I did, and I slept pretty well.

There was a goat farm in the nearby town of Pescadero. On our way home, we stopped to pet goats and taste goat cheese. The goats were cute, the cheese delicious. Then we stopped by a pizzeria/general store. They had a yard with live music where we ate.

All these pictures are a little smudged because of fingerprints. Alton's, I think. I guess I learned if you are going to let a kid play with your camera, you should clean the lens when you get it back.

New Family Favorites

Alton's favorite solid food: Sweet Potatoes. If you try to disguise broccoli by hiding it in sweet potatoes, Alton will not be fooled.

My favorite new hobby: Container Gardening. I am growing peas, squash, basil & other herbs, a bunch of lettuces, cherry tomatoes, and potatoes. I thought I killed my little lemon tree when I pruned it back a lot. But it's sprouting back.

My new favorite wine: Old Moon Zinfandel. I picked it up for $10 and really liked it. Then I found it at Trader Joe's for $4.99.

Alton's favorite method of locomotion: pushing on his stomach backwards. "Maybe he's stuck in reverse." My grandma says.

Current family favorite TV show: The Wire. We're on season three. Why are there only two episodes on these DVDs? We only get one movie at a time from Netflix, so it's taking a long time to watch them.

Alton's favorite toy: Dad's glasses.


Blogger Johanna and Josh said...

You are a brave woman, taking a baby camping.

Alton is changing so much! I miss him--and you too! Come back!

8:32 PM  

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