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This baby is officially two days late. And I am officially getting tired of being pregnant. I think on average babies born to first-time mothers come about four days late, so it's not at all abnormal. I am not comforted, though, by the people who keep telling me things like, "my daughter was 14 days late," or "I was born three hundred weeks late." I don't care. I want this baby out now.

Hopefully within two days or so I'll be able to report that there is a new little person in the world and we won't have to have any induction talks with doctors next week. I took two power walks today and I just might have to take our laundry down to the beach tomorrow and wash it by hand on rocks if that's what it takes to get this thing going.

On a slightly different topic, I'd like to say an overdue thank you to everybody from Brooklyn who got together to send us a baby shower in a box. What an amazing surprise and what amazing gifts. Thank you. Thank you. Way to answer the call for Brooklyn baby clothes before I had even dropped my oh so subtle hint in the last post. You guys are amazing!

I only wish I could have been in New York with you all so you could help me eat the cookies you sent. Mo was so excited by all the smells of home that her laser eyes kicked in and she almost caught the carpet on fire. Thank you so much. I can't wait to bring the baby to New York and have him meet all of you.

I'm not thinking about much else besides the baby lately (well, the baby and and the presidential campaign, but I don't feel up to writing about debates and candidates with these 30 extra pounds sticking out in front of me and getting in the way of my typing), so I feel like all my posts are lame and belly-centric. Hopefully that will change soon and in the midst of all the exhaustion of the first few months with a newborn I'll be able to "eloquently" tell you all how impressed I am with Joe Biden's history of standing up against genocide — not really a politically advantageous thing to do — or how afraid I am that too many people will say that they will vote for Obama and his promise of hope and change but when they close the curtain of their voting booth, remember that he's black (or something) and get scared and change their mind. But until then I will end this post by showing you the baby stuff that I've spent my "nesting" energies putting together. It's less scary and takes a lot less brain power.

Here's the baby's play corner. It's full of toys that are totally inappropriate for an infant. He won't be able to play with most of this stuff for years. But it still looks exciting and I love it, even though the easel is completely inaccessible.

Here is the baby's corner of our bedroom — changing table and crib, a Diaper Champ, and some fairly-traded stars on the wall. I'm pretty excited about how nicely it all fits. I will tell you, though, that I first put the crib together in the living room while watching a movie, not giving any thought to the fact that it was way to big to fit through the door frame. Oh well, what woman who is nine months pregnant doesn't like to spend an evening taking newly-built furniture apart, carrying the disassembled parts 30 feet east, and putting it all back together again?

Finally, a close up on the crib and crib stuff. I think his little hippo-gator is super cute. Now if only he'd come out, I could show him all his wonderful toys and lay him in his cozy crib and change his diaper on his sturdy changing table. Let's go kid!


Blogger sooprgrll said...

Hooray on all of the above. We are so glad you enoyed the baby shower in a box, we love you! The crib and play look amazing, he will love it!!

7:55 AM  
Anonymous best friend said...

Everything looks so cute and organized! You got an activity table exactly like ours. Will is really starting to enjoy his. Scott likes to put him inside the drawers. I am going to have to get Will an easel like that. So cool. Can't wait to see you in several weeks, and I am so excited that I get to be your kid's aunt! The Columbus McMullens are all rooting for you and for the baby to come soon and for you to be like 9 centimeters dilated by the time you get to the hospital. Please come today, nephew. I want to see you bad.

12:03 PM  
Anonymous best friend said...

PS - still haven't seen the ultrasound pics. Send 'em my way, will ya?

12:06 PM  
Anonymous Brian said...

Thanks for teaching our unborn son about electoral votes via the foamy and colorful puzzle-piece numerals.

4:51 PM  
Anonymous sister said...

Push 'em out, shove 'em out. Waaaay out!
Push 'em out, shove 'em out. Waaaay out!
We're doing our cheers from here!!

Nathan's thought: Maybe you should eat a lot of gassy foods and do sit ups. The general idea is to displace him in any way possible.

Hang in there, girl. We're praying for you.

p.s. Who's the scary pumpkin man in the corner of the crib?

5:01 PM  
Blogger activated charcoal said...

Haha- I was wondering about the number mats (have you been following fivethirtyeight.com? Things are looking ahem, cautiously optimistic...)

I only know of one way to jump-start labor, but it is possibly not polite to suggest this particular method in the comment section of one's blog... plus, it is probably the last thing you are interested in doing at this point.

7:02 PM  
Blogger steven said...

hells yes. i can't say i necessarily recommend our world—but i welcome your son to it, in due time!

12:23 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It looks so cozy there! I have been checking my email hourly to see if Baby Donna Miche has entered this world~ We miss you guys so much, wish I could sit on the floor with your boy and play with the trains....
He's one lucky guys!
Love you!
Meg, Gabe and Dakota

10:36 AM  
Blogger thisisntjimmy said...

soooo cuuuuute

4:16 PM  
Blogger Abbi said...

Hooray! Things are looking great. You remind me of the kids who studied months in advance and wanted to get finals over with. I'm sure when I'm pregnant and at 9 months I'll still be cramming. "Where does the baby come out again?"

11:51 AM  

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