Happy Birthday TheWifest!

It has been one year since I posted my first post. That sure went fast!

To celebrate, here is the long awaited next section of our Adventure Under the Big Top. If you need to refresh your memory about the other steps of this Choose Your Own Adventure story, here are the first three parts of our adventure.

part one
part two
part three

Run For Your Life, Adventure Under the Big Top Part IV

“No!” You scream out and step back. The spell is broken. Your head feels clearer as you turn on your heels and burst through the tent flaps into the open air. You make a run for it while the men in the tent recover from their shock. The sound of muffled yelling and chairs falling are the last thing you hear before you make a quick right turn past a row of tents. Then you make a left turn and another right in quick secession. You don’t know if you are being followed but you don’t want to stop and find out.

It would be smart to notice which direction you were going. It would be comforting if you had the presence of mind to think about where you had come in to this strange place and run that direction. But you don’t do either of these things until you are hopelessly lost in a maze of tents and equipment. There don’t seem to be any exits into the real world.

You are completely out of breath. You stop and double over holding the stitch in your side.

“Where am I?” You think. “How am I going to get out of here? Everything looks exactly the same.”

“How could you be this stupid?” You scold yourself out loud.

“I beg your pardon?” A women’s voice calls out indignantly from behind you.

“Oh, I’m sorry.” You say as you whirl around to face a gypsy woman in long flowing clothes and a shawl draped over her head exiting her tent. “I wasn’t talking to you, ma’am.”

“If you wasn’t talking to me, then who was you talking to?” She looked around at the open air under eyelids as heavy as her accent as if expecting to see something.

“I was just talking to myself. I didn’t think anyone was around to hear me.”

“Are you sure there is no one else out here?” She took a step out of her tent and dreamily looked to the right and to the left. “Not everyone can you see, you know.”

“No. It’s really just me. I was just talking to myself.”

“This woman is a piece of work,” You think to yourself.

“I don’t suppose you know how to get back out into the fairway, do you?” You have very little hope the she knows much of anything, but no one else is around and she isn’t carrying a knife that you can tell.

“Come closer, you. To tell you the path to take, I’ll need a closer look at you.” She holds out her hand to request your palm.

“I don’t need my palm read. I just need to know how to get back to my friends, back to the fairway.” You tell her.

“Come, come,” She says to you and takes a few steps toward you – her arm outstretched. “You will never see the direction to travel while you running. You must stop to see where you is and where you is to go.”

“What can it hurt? Here.” You hold out your hand.

The gypsy lays your hand in the palm of her left hand. Her right hand closes around your wrist.

“Ouch! That hurts.” She has a steel grip on your wrist and it hurts. You try to wiggle your way free, but she only tightens her hold. She begins to smile and then to laugh – a wild laugh.

Suddenly you feel a strong arm around your neck choking you. You gab at the arm with your free hand, but you are no match for its strength. The gypsy woman reaches out to grad that hand too and catches it in an unbreakable clasp.

You see a white cloth coming toward your face. You feel the cloth press against your mouth and nose. You smell an unfamiliar odor. You struggle against the strong arm to shake your head free of the cloth. You pull on your trapped hands to no avail. Things grow foggy until your eyes close. You are unconscious.

Stay tuned for the next installment. Tell me what you think should happen in the comment section. It's not a vote though. There is not a choice between two things; you've been overpowered so you'll have to take what comes. If this were actually a Choose Your Own Adventure book, this would be a page that ended not with a choice but instructions to turn to a certain page.


Blogger Abbi said...

Happy Anniversary, the Wifest! Did the Husbandest remember? Or did he have to buy last minute flowersests? I'm a Goosebumps fan m'self, but I can appreciate a good Choose Your Own Adventure. As long as I don't die in the first two pages.

12:48 PM  
Anonymous brian said...

R.L. Stine wrote Choose Your Own Adventure-style books before he invented Goosebumps.

The series he was involved with is called Twistaplot.

11:44 AM  
Anonymous best friend said...

I believe (because I had an inside scoop from the authoress) that there might be some rip-roaring fun if we went and played games or did some of the things we should have chosen instead of the freaks. So, I suggest we get out alive because one of our friends finds us and hits the gypsy's accomplice from behind with the oversized baseball bat he just won in the carnival games (why did he stop and play a game while our life was in perilous danger? I am not the authoress, I don't have to explain that). Then when we are out of harms way and outside again, we could actually go to the circus and recognize some of the people we had encountered inside the tent performing and what-not. Maybe we uncover a plot while still inside that the gypsy is going ot off the pretty trapeze artist and we somehow are able to stop this from happening while she is performing, and we become part of the drama of the circus show. Then a Hollywood exec in the audience notices our grace and beuaty and signs us up for a 4 picture deal.

3:26 PM  

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